By purchasing a ticket to visit the Barcelona Wax Museum the purchaser accepts the following general conditions of use:

1. One ticket authorises one person to visit the venue on one occasion only. Once the ticket holder (hereinafter, the visitor) has completed the visit to the Museum's attractions, he/she will have to purchase another ticket to re-enter the Museum. All persons visiting the Barcelona Wax Museum must have a valid ticket, which must be retained for the entire duration of the visit and may be requested by any member of the Museum staff. Visitors unable to produce a ticket may be asked to leave the Museum.

2. Whenever the entrance fees vary according to age, the following conditions will apply: Minors under 12 will be classified as children. Children under the age of 5 do not have to pay an entrance fee. Persons aged 12 and over are classified as adults.

The entrance fees will be modified periodically and therefore advertised prices cannot be guaranteed.

3. The ticket is not transferable.
Possession of a ticket does not entitle its holder or any third party to use the same, or its content, for the purposes of advertising, marketing or promotion (including competitions, gifts and/or prize draws). Breach of this condition shall oblige any advertiser and/or user (“not expressly authorised” by the Museum) to pay a penalty equivalent to up to one thousand times the entrance fee, without prejudice to any other possible claims for damages that may be derived from such unauthorised activities.

4. The ticket is considered as a cash sum and must be retained at all times in order to allow access to the Museum and its attractions. The purchaser of the ticket or the person in whose name the ticket is granted assumes full responsibility in the event that said ticket is duplicated or forged, and shall lose all entitlement granted by the same to access the venue.

Lost tickets will not be replaced.

5. From time to time, parts of the visit may be closed and/or certain figures may be provisionally withdrawn for technical reasons or for maintenance purposes. In such cases, the ticket will not be reimbursed and no compensation shall be paid for said closures and/or withdrawals.

6. The Barcelona Wax Museum shall take all reasonable steps to remain open and operative during the advertised opening times, but reserves the right to close without prior notice on any day on safety grounds, or for any other reason. In the event of such closures, tickets sold to be used on said day will be exchanged for any other day requested by the visitor, or fully refunded. In such cases, the Barcelona Wax Museum will not be liable for compensation.

7. The ticket includes access to most of the areas of the venue, although not all areas by obligation. The Museum reserves the right to charge its visitors an additional fee for certain areas or attractions.

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